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Top 10 Business Incubation Centers in Islamabad

Incubation centers in Islamabad that can help you launch your technology startup idea and turn it into a fully grown business.



Business Incubation Centers

Wondering where to incubate your startup idea in Islamabad, consider these top 10 business Incubation Centers in Islamabad. Pakistan’s IT industry has seen some of the most impressive growth in recent years, promising many new entrepreneurs that ventured into both technology and non-tech startups in Pakistan.

In recent years, we have seen a substantial increase in the entrepreneurship trend in Pakistan, with budding firms increasingly cooperating with accelerators and incubators to launch their startups and seek professional assistance from scratch to the growth and scaling up phase.

We have prepared a list of Pakistan’s finest Technology Incubation Centers that work professionally to promote companies by providing seed money, skilled mentorship, and training to launch your dream startup idea into a scalable business.

List of Startups Accelerators and Business Incubation Centers in Islamabad

Let’s walk you through the list of some of the well-known business incubation centers in Islamabad.

  1. Start-Technology incubation Center Islamabad
  2. Founders Institute
  3. Chapter of TIE Islamabad
  6. R&D Fund for ICT
  7. Cloud9 Startups
  8. Telenor Velocity
  9. Jazz’s National Incubation Center
  10. Serendipity Technology

let’s dig into every one little deeper.

1. START— Technology Incubation Center Islamabad

The START Incubation Center is an emerging state-of-the-art tech startup incubation center in Islamabad. As a sub-business unit, START Technology Incubation Center is launched by The Desk Coworking Space that envisions to become the leading startup’s launch pad for students with tech startup ideas in Pakistan.

START provides a range of services, such as formulation and refining of a startup idea, technical support, working space, startup pitch, networking opportunities, and financial opportunities. If you are a student, looking for really affordable incubation services for your startup idea, don’t think beyond START Incubation Center. 

  • Address: Lower Ground, Plot, 349 Street 1, I-9/3, Islamabad, 44000

2. Founders Institute

The Founder Institute is a major incubator, company launcher, and entrepreneur training institute. It is essentially an American company incubator that was formed in California in 2009.

The Founder Institute, which opened in September 2015 in Islamabad with the tagline “work-to-learn,” provides participants with a four-month training program. The institute encourages participants to launch their own businesses by instilling them with unique and exciting ideas during their structural training.

  • Address: We Create Centre, Offices 1-5, Select 1 Plaza, F 11 Markaz, Islamabad.

3. Chapter of TiE Islamabad

The Indus Enterprises (TiE) is a non-profit global community created in 1992 by prominent Indus region entrepreneurs. TiE supports renowned entrepreneurs and startups all over the world.

TiE thinks that their five pillars of success for entrepreneurship, incubation, mentoring, education, networking, and funding, may enhance the startup sectors.

TiE is focusing on young entrepreneurs; they will be coached, trained, and advised on the best investment options so that they can become great business leaders in the near future.

  • Address: We Create Pakistan, Office 1, 2nd Floor, Select 1, F 11 Markaz, Islamabad


Technology Incubation Facility (TIC) is an initiative of the National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad. TIC was established in 2005 and is Pakistan’s first technology incubator center. TIC is one of the top 10 business incubation centers in Islamabad with a remarkably good record of success in the startup industry of Pakistan.

Entrepreneurs who approach TIC will gain extensive exposure to NUST’s superior equipment, which will benefit firms working on engineering, hardware, and big data.

TIC supports early-stage entrepreneurs and rising startup teams with business ideas and consulting to help them accelerate their businesses and become viable contributors to the country’s economy.

TIC also promises to provide office spaces in order to quickly alter their capability and only keep a small number of employees.

  • Address: National University of Sciences and Technology, Main Campus H-12, Islamabad.


Business Incubation Centre (BIC) is a COMSATS Institute of Information Technology program. BIC intends to conduct research and development at the COMSATS Institute.

They offer legal and marketing aid to entrepreneurs and startup teams, as well as necessary requirements for a fresh setup like internet access, office meeting spaces, and consultancy.

  • Address: Business Incubation Centre (BIC), COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Park Road, Chak Shehzad, Islamabad

6. R&D Fund for ICT

The National ICT Research and Development Fund was formed in January 2007 by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications of the Government of Pakistan.

The ICT Fund primarily supports academic research ideas and industrial creative development plans. The R&D financed initiatives are supported by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

  • Address: HBL Tower, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad

7. Cloud9 Startups

Cloud9 Startups is a technology-based incubation center by NUST Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. It was launched in December 2012.

Cloud9 is a venture fund and idea incubation center for aspiring entrepreneurs in Pakistan. The company provides mentorship to startups from an early age till the startups start functioning and also provides seed funding up to Rs. 1 million.

  • Address: Office No 104, Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE), NUST, Islamabad

8. Telenor Velocity

Telenor Velocity is an incubator of the Telenor group. Telenor Velocity claims to be the first digital startup incubator focusing on digital communication. Velocity in their six months training program provides free access to Telenor’s resources and assets to their participants.

The moto is enabling excellent ideas today for a digitally empowered tomorrow. Telenor Velocity uses its customer experience in catching the right customer, provides access to digital distribution and APIs in a leading retail network. They also provide online payment solutions to accelerate entrepreneurship.

  • Address: Head Office: Silver Square, Plot 15, Mehr Ali Rd, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad.

9. Jazz’s National Incubation Center

The National Incubation Facility (NIC) is the first incubation center created by the government’s National ICT R&D Fund and the private sector Jazz&Teamup.

Jazz’s NIC was established in July 2016. The initiative connects local entrepreneurs, inventors, and multinational investors, as well as provides world-class incubation facilities and access to specialists and consultants.

Mobilink and TeamUp have inked an agreement with the LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship (LCE) to provide support and mentoring to innovators and entrepreneurs.

  • Address: National Incubation Center Plot 24-B, 1st Floor, NITB, H-9/1, Islamabad.

10.  Serendipity Technology

Serendipity is an Islamabad-based technology accelerator that provides Pakistani businesses with networking, consulting, and financial assistance.

Serendipity has a keen interest in rising adept companies in order to speed their growth route via the use of fast modeling methodologies.

  • Address: 503 ISE Towers, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad.

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